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Well, what is rock n roll? According to front man Billy Blur, “Rock n roll is music that makes you want to either fuck or fight, and that’s exactly the kinda music Mortigi Tempo makes."

The band fuses grunge, shoegaze, psych rock and dose of nostalgia at points. 


They've played alongside the likes of Band of Skulls, Bass Drum of Death, Demob Happy, White Reaper, Yob, Cloakroom, Bongzilla, and many others. Their gear alone has a commanding stage presence, but the sonic fusion of sound the three piece creates is what allows them stand out from others.

Mortigi Tempo consists of Billy Blur on lead vox and guitar, Marc Tuna Leach on the low strings and Watson on percussion. They're accompanied by 3 vintage Fender "pyramid" cabs and fuckload of fuzz.




"From the howling wastes of the high desert comes Mortigi Tempo – the kind of sensual sonic hallucination you can really shake it to. Hailing from Salt Lake City, this neo-psychedelic (band) features guitars that crunch and vocals that bite from Billy Blur; the thick, slithering basslines of Marc Leach; and Eric Watson’s hammering drum work, as steady and heavy as a brick wall. Founded in 2012 by Billy Blur and Leach, the group’s sound was shaped not only by the Lynchian exploits of their mountain home, but also the paradigms of glam rock, Brit rock, and desert rock."

"Straight outta Salt Lake City, the neo-psychedelic wizards Mortigi Tempo unleash their latest mind-bender, HINDSIGHT. Buckle up for 215 seconds of unadulterated psych-noise mayhem, blending Royal Blood’s ferocious riffs, Nine Inch Nails’ twisted vibe, Lightning Bolt’s noise rock ethos, and Hawkwind’s cosmic madness. Brace yourself, ’cause this track is a wild, hyper-active rocket ride straight to the stratosphere! Mortigi Tempo ain’t holding back, and with this intense concoction of sonic wizardry, they’re taking us on a transcendental trip to sonic nirvana.

Get ready to have your mind blown"




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